Human Resources

Sepiciler Caybasi Leather Ind. Inc. looks for the candidates who meet the desired qualifications, follow the world, are team workers and open to change and improvement.

To this end, the Group employs tests and interviews designed to reveal the general skills, personality features, professional knowledge and skills required for that specific position.

The Human Resources policy of Sepiciler Caybasi Leather Ind. Inc. is based on the objective to contribute to the professional and personal development of its employees.

The employees are being assessed with the Performance Evaluation system. High performance is awarded and all employees are supported through trainings.

Human Resources Policy

Believing human resources is the most important asset, the Group aims to grow with employees who can think strategically, and act fast and responsibly.

For its employees, Sepiciler Caybasi Leather Ind. Inc. works to

  • Create an environment that will help employees improve both personally and professionally,
  • Ensure an environment suitable for lifelong learning,
  • Build and operate the systems that will assess the individual differences correctly,
  • Assess the performance on a basis of objective criteria,
  • Award high performance and support the improvement of performance less than expected.

You can send us your CV and letter of motivation by « E-mail » to be included in our reference database for future opportunities.