Our History


SEPICI means tanner.

When the surname law was established in 1927, our founder Mehmet Sepici (1907-1981) had chosen this surname aptly. Mehmet Sepici tanned leather from an early age.

In 1930, he established his own company Mehmet SEPICI Leather Dye-House and earned a place as leather hat and sheep upper producer in the labour intensive leather sector.

From 1950 onwards, with his four sons, increased capacity and with the prospering turkish economy the factory moved to Yesildere which was a leather work area at the time. The name changed to Mehmet Sepici and Sons Collective Company and filled with entrepreneurial dynamism greater business opportunities were achieved, market share grew considerably; eventually Yesildere became inadequate for the vision of Sepici family. Early 1970's, the foundations of Caybasi plant was formed opening the road to industrialization and higher advancement.

In Caybasi, Sepici created a one of a kind plant for leather production which still to day, evolves, upgrades and keeps itself fresh with new technologies. The company name rightfully become Sepiciler Caybası Leather. Continous improvement and vigour for hard work made Sepici a well known brand name in the industry.

Starting with the third generation and involving with academic partners Sepici were introduced to global markets and since then it has became a successful member of the leather world.